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BarbarianBody Home Training Program 
My #1 In-Depth Fat Obliterating Home Training Program....
Normally $47 - Today Just ($37)
1 single payment of $37.
All workouts and course material are entirely digital
See The INCREDIBLE Results Students Of Mine Have Gotten...
Here's What's Inside The Program:
5 Unique In-Depth Videos, 140+ Minutes of Workouts, 5 Warm-Up/ Cool-Down Routines, and Follow-Along Stretching Routines...
Each workout will challenge your body in ways you've been yet to experience. Burn an INCREDIBLE amount of fat and sculpt a lean, defined physique....from the comfort of your own home.
NOTHING could be simpler...
Fat Incinerator: Part 1
We'll begin this BEAST of a program by walking through an incredibly powerful HIIT, Cardio workout designed to scorch the fat right off of your body! Grab your towel, this one is going to be a sweat festival!
Fat Incinerator: Part 2
Here we'll re-join for another killer fat burning workout built around plyometrics and HIIT. This workout will demand more out of your fat stores as we begin getting into higher rep ranges. Beware stubborn belly fat...this workout is coming for you.
Fat Incinerator: Part 3
Welcome to the most intense fat melting workout you've been yet to experience. Here we'll be combining the world's MOST effective Cardio, HIIT and Plyometric exercises that have been designed to eradicate fat. This workout is tough...but it's the kind of tough that'll have you shrinking down 3-4 waist sizes.
Upper Body Sculpter:
Looking to sculpt lean muscle mass in those pecs, shoulders and arms? Look no further. This high intensity upper body workout will have your muscles burning the same they would with a FULL gym workout! Don't forget to grab yourself a high protein meal afterwards....your body is going to be BEGGING for muscle building fuel by the end.
Lower Body Sculpter:
When it comes to carving a set of lean, powerful legs; there's no home workout that you'll want to turn to before this one. It may be tough (and have you sitting down funny for the next couple of days), but the proof is in the pudding...this routine WORKS!
"These are hands-down some of the most enjoyable and effective home workouts that I've ever done. Thanks Tanner!" -Evan B.
Bonus Gift #1: 64 Fat Melting Recipes ($29 Value)
By enrolling in the Home Training Program today, you'll also be receiving a FREE copy of my 64 Fat Melting Recipes.

Remove ALL of the guesswork when it comes to your nutrition while following the Physique Sculpting Program. With easy to make, low calorie, high protein meal and snack ideas; you’ll be burning fat and carving lean muscle easier than ever before!

Stop eating bland, tasteless, boring meals that leave you hungry after 30 minutes. Eat food you LOVE, feel full afterwards and TRANSFORM your physique with the 64 Fat Melting Recipe Book!
Bonus Gift #2: PRIVATE Facebook Community (Priceless)
Along your journey of body transformation, you'll also gain access to a powerful community of like minded individuals following the exact same program as you!

IMMEDIATELY after enrolling into the program, you'll be granted access to our PRIVATE BarbarianBody Home Training Program Facebook Group. This is an exclusive group of individuals just like YOU who are also following the program.

Ask questions, be inspired by others, share your experiences and learn from other's with our ever-growing PRIVATE Facebook group!
Bonus Gift #3: My RELENTLESS Follow-Along "Six Pack Igniter" Workout ($19 Value)
Originally this was only going to be a 5 video program...but after reviewing it I realized I HAD to include a killer six pack, ab workout routine.

So that's exactly what I did...and I made one of the MOST intense six pack workouts I've been yet to create. (Seriously, even MY YouTube channel doesn't have anything this intense)

This workout alone is worth it's weight in GOLD. Say 'goodbye' to that stubborn belly fat, and 'hello' to washboard abs!
Bonus Gift #4: Day-By-Day Training Calendar ($10 Value)
One of the main questions I get from you guys is "What days should I do this workout?", "Can I do this workout after a day of doing your fat burning workout?"

So to end the myriad of confusion and questions that you guys have always dealt with, I created your very own workout schedule.

No more thinking. No more worrying. Simply follow the calendar and see results. Simple as THAT!
Top 3 Questions
"Can I follow this program at home without equipment?"
Yes! This program was designed to burn fat and sculpt a defined physique without equipment. All you need is your body, an open area to perform the workouts, and a desire to improve!

"How Are These Workouts Different From Your YouTube Videos?"
•  Each workout comes with a FULL in-depth, follow-along warm-up and cool down routine to prevent injury and maximize recovery
• Scheduled workouts. No longer will you have to guess and pick which workouts you think should go together for maximal efficiency. Simply follow your included training calendar, and leave the guess work to me
"What Are The Benefits Of This Program?"
• Lose 8-12lbs of belly fat in less than 4 weeks
• Carve that “lean and sculpted physique” with NO EQUIPMENT
• Train for less that 30 minutes a day
• Enjoy training from the comfort of your own home. No gym required
• Significantly increase your attractiveness
• Become the leanest and most defined YOU from the comfort of your own home
• Increase your confidence levels
This Is A Limited Time Offer. 
Normally: $47
But Today You'll Receive This All For...
Today's Price: $37!
The BarbarianBody Home Training System:
Normally $47 - Today Just ($37)
1 single payment of $37.
All workouts and course material are entirely digital.
The entire BarbarianBody Home Training System is backed by my generous 100%, 30-day money back guarantee. That means; if you and everyone you know isn't 100% blown-away by your results, simply request a refund, and receive 100% of your money back!

What's even better? You'll still get to keep EVERYTHING from the program. That's over 140 minutes of workouts, the 64 Fat melting Recipes, the BONUS Six Pack Incinerator and workout calendar - ALL FREE!
At This Very Moment, The ONLY Thing You Should Be Thinking Is....
YES, I Want To Carve A Lean, Sculpted Physique From The Comfort of My OWN HOME!
Send me the entire HOME Training Program with my 4 FREE gifts at the low price of only $27. I Understand that the BarbarianBody Home Training Program also comes with an extremely generous 100%, 30-day money back guarantee.
Normally $47 - Today Just ($37)
1 single payment of $37.
All workouts and course material are entirely digital.
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